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Jennifer Billard

Jennifer will be offering lessons in piano for all skill levels

Pricing: $50.00/Hour


Marcelle Boisjoli

Through her expert guidance and unwavering dedication, Marcelle has witnessed countless students flourish, discovering their unique voices and cultivating a lifelong love for music.


Marcelle will be offering lessons in voice.

Pricing: $75/Hour


Alison Clarke

Alison Clarke will be taking students in piano.

Pricing: $50.00/Hour


Ian Locke

Ian Locke brings a wealth of skills as a Performance Coach for students wishing to dive deeper and bring their performance to the next level! Students can work on monologues or musical theatre pieces, along with duets or scenes in groups of two.

Pricing: $50.00/Hour


Lucas Upward

Lucas will be offering lessons in piano.

Pricing: $35.00/Hour

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