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Young Artist Bursary Program

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Young Artist Bursary Fund


We are now accepting applications for funding support for our 2024 Summer Camp Season and 2024/25 Graham Academy year.

Please submit your application for a 2024 Summer Camp at least two weeks before the camp begins to the mailing address listed in the application document.


Please submit your application for the 2024/25 Graham Academy year by July 31, 2024, to the mailing address listed in the application document.

Families already enrolled in the bursary program do not need to re-apply, but do need to submit a letter stating no change in status.


Applications submitted after these dates may be considered at the discretion of the Committee.

Sponsored by Presentation Sisters & other generous donors.

We believe that youth with a love of the arts who desire to be a part of a Graham Academy program should be afforded that opportunity. Thanks to our Young Artist Bursary Fund, Graham Academy can now offer financial support for students with a demonstrated need. This program has been made possible by the generous support of donors who, like us, are passionate about the joy music can bring to one’s life and the importance of affording this opportunity to all. We give thanks to the Presentation Sisters for initiating the Bursary Fund in 2018 and their ongoing support of the Graham Academy’s inclusive philosophy.

The Graham Academy Bursary Committee takes care to hold application information in confidence.  For administrative purposes, we share the name of each selected recipient (along with the amount of funding approved and the name of the program/camp selected), but not their personal financial information, with the artistic associate and/or the financial administrator.

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