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COVID-19 Protocols

Graham Academy 2020/21 Protocol - During Alert Level 2


Following a successful summer of camp programming under COVID-19 Health and Safety Protocol, the Graham Academy is pleased to continue offering performance arts training to youth throughout the 2020/21 season. Our goal is to provide our members with an opportunity to learn and enjoy the arts while learning and living safely in our new normal. Given the current COVID-19 alert level in Newfoundland Labrador, our programs will be offered following public health direction and under controlled conditions. We all share a responsibility to keep each other safe. This means adhering to the safety guidelines set out by the Chief Health Officer. We all must do our part to return to a new normal while we live with COVID-19.


Here are the guidelines within on-site training life. This will be reviewed with your child in September; please keep this for reference.

Reduced Numbers/arrival times and entrances: Those attending will be given arrival times and will be assigned a specific entrance. We ask that you make every effort to have your child arrive on time so that we can ensure adherence to physical distancing protocol when moving throughout the space; members will also be given designated entrance and exit.

● Every attendant entering the building will be required to complete a daily COVID-19 self-monitoring questionnaire before arrival. This includes faculty and youth. No one is permitted access to the site if they are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms. Families will receive the questionnaire link via email.

● Everyone is required to bring their own mask – these can be homemade or a simple surgical mask – as long as it can cover the nose and mouth. Members are asked to arrive wearing a mask as they make their way to their assigned room. Masks will be required when transitioning from one space to another within the building and whenever physical distancing cannot be maintained. Should a mask become soiled Graham Academy has some extra disposable masks onsite.

o All members will be trained how to safely remove their face covering without contaminating it. The face covering will also be mandatory for any activity that requires campers to project their voice while indoors and where a physical barrier does not exist. o While the weather complies, activities may be held outside, either in a roped off designated area on the parking lot or on one of the side-decks.

● The floor of our indoor spaces have been marked with tape 6 feet apart. Each member will be assigned a square during their classes.

● Window and doors will remain opened whenever possible to both increase airflow and minimize the amount of touching required to enter and exit.

● Signage and markers have been placed throughout the building providing directions and reminding everyone of physical distancing requirements.

Increased hand-washing requirements. Everyone is asked to wash or sanitize their hands upon entering the building, hand washing breaks will be scheduled, and signage about proper hand washing technique is posted near hand washing stations. The faculty will carefully monitor to ensure everybody is washing their hands.

● Hand sanitizer and cleaning supplies will be provided. It is recommended that everyone carry their own personal-sized hand sanitizer as well.


Increased cleaning of our building.

o We have created a detailed cleaning plan for all staff.

o Any shared equipment is cleaned and disinfected prior to the start of each session, between uses and after use. We are limited equipment that requires sharing.

o All surfaces in the building will be cleaned prior to each training session and periodically throughout the day during breaks.

● New cleaning equipment has been purchased that will allow for complete disinfecting of the building at the end of each day.

● When in learning areas, members will be regimented to remain in a clearly marked bubble while in that space. No objects will be permitted in the bubble, besides a child’s personal water bottle. Children are asked to bring a water bottle, which can be refilled, as we are unable to provide cups of water.

● In more public areas within the building, floors are clearly marked with lines that dictate what the six-feet distance between members should be.

● Members will bring everything they need back and forth each day. Unfortunately we are unable to store personal items this year. Therefore a GA bag with all items needed must be packed and brought to Graham Academy each day. In regard to lending, the Graham Academy is happy to lend supplies when needed; however, any supplies are to remain with the student for the entire week - and be returned only at the end of camp to limit contact with each item.

● All meals and snacks must be brought from home. All snacks are not to be shared. Each student will have a regular station provided for break/snacks. Please note that we are a nut-free facility.

● Washrooms will be assigned to limit use. The faculty will use a separate washroom.

● When singing, we will ensure that singers are facing different directions, so nobody is at risk of being directly in the path of the singer. A minimum of 13 feet will be maintained in instances where there is no physical barrier. Physical barriers will be available in spaces where physical distancing cannot be maintained. Mask will be required for any interaction during singing when 13 feet physical distance cannot be maintained.

● Faculty will wear masks whenever they need to enter a camper’s bubble to guide them, but faculty will only enter the campers bubble when absolutely necessary.

● The building will be closed to anyone beyond those directly involved in Graham Academy programming. A faculty member will be waiting at the door during drop-off. Once inside the building, only the rooms required for each member will be accessible.

● A Symptomatic Event Plan has been developed in the event that an individual experiences symptoms of COVID-19 while on the premises that are not related to a pre-existing illness or health condition.


We understand that living a full and enriched life in the COVID-19 world is not easy. Our hope is that Graham Academy can provide your child with a safe space to learn and love and laugh this 2020/21 season. Please feel free to contact if you have any further questions.

We understand that living a full and enriched life in the COVID-19 world is not easy. Our hope is that Graham Academy can provide your child with a safe space to learn and love and laugh this 2020/21 season. Please feel free to contact if you have any further questions.

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