Robert Humber Photo.JPG

Robert Humber

Robert Humber will be taking students in the following areas: guitar, ukulele, bass, mandolin, and other stringed instruments, along with composition and theory, self accompaniment, and chording.

Pricing: $50.00/Hour

Reg Kachanoski.JPG

Reg Kachanoski

Reg Kachanoski will be teaching guitar lessons, along with music production, recording, sound design, electroacoustic composition.

Pricing: $50.00/Hour


Ian Locke

Ian Locke brings a wealth of skills as a Performance Coach for students wishing to dive deeper and bring their performance to the next level! Students can work on monologues or musical theatre pieces, along with duets or scenes in groups of two.

Pricing: $50.00/Hour

Yvette Coleman.JPG

Yvette Coleman

Yvette Coleman will be taking students intermittently in the following areas: voice and songwriting.

Pricing: $65.00/Hour

Wendy Woodland.jpg

Wendy Woodland

Wendy Woodland will be taking students intermittently the following area: classical voice and musical theatre.

Pricing: $60.00/Hour