Interactive Arts

Breaking The Mold: Gaming The Arts

Graham Academy’s Interactive Arts Program will engage students interested in computers, gaming, and creativity. We channel students’ love of gaming and digital technology into creative, social, and technical skill development. Participants will explore new ways of story-telling, art-making, and game design in virtual and interactive environments, preparing them to thrive in our increasingly digital world. 





Graham Academy

110 Humber Road

Virtual Corner Brook 

Virtual Corner Brook is an online, k-12 community building project using Minecraft: Java. The goal: build a virtual representation of the City of Corner Brook. Participants will navigate through a custom Minecraft map created with digital elevation data and a street map superimposed on the game world. Throughout the course of this ongoing activity, we will build our favorite civic buildings and locations, creating a fun and active online community. We also hold online meet-ups, summer camps, and other educational activities through Graham Academy’s Interactive Arts Program using Virtual Corner Brook as the backdrop.